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We Aim to Provide Landlords with ample support

Being a landlord has its many benefits however when it comes to finding new tenants, dealing with maintenance calls from tenants, collecting rent and persevering a good relationship with them can become a headache at times. There is no need to worry as IGH offers landlords with services to help manage your property.


What Can We Offer


Finding new tenants or buyers for your property can be a hassle. Our professional brokers are here to help you take care of it for you. All you need to do is provide all the documents required for you to lease your property and for it to be listed online on property websites. Sit back while our brokers find a trustworthy tenant or buyer for you.


In order to reach the potential buyers or tenants for your property, the listing needs to be marketed. For landlords with multiple units we offer the service of marketing the properties.We will take excellent professional pictures to be used in marketing the property. Our committed team will also be marketing your listings on the internet with google adwords and our social media channels like facebook, instagram & linkedin.


Managing the maintenance of your property will no longer be a concern. As IGH works with a number of qualified maintenance contractors that we will coordinate for you with. Our trusted contractors will provide services for ongoing maintenance as well as renewal maintenance. Rest assured that the quality of maintenance work done on your property will be top-of-the-range.

Tenant Relationship Management

Managing and enhancing the relationship with tenants is crucial. As positive relationships with tenants are fundamental for a rental property to be profitable, sustainable and effective. Maintaining and developing an favourable tenant relationship amidst their lease period would encourage and ensure pleasant interactions, positive referrals, rise in trust and an increased chance in lease renewal. We at IGH are here to handle minor issues that may arise with your tenants during the rental period.

Rent Cheque
Collection & Deposit

Following our procedures we will save you the trouble and collect rent cheques from your tenants on your behalf. With your consent we can also deposit the rent cheques in your designated bank account for those properties that are rented through us.